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Welcome to the Modern Bedouin blog! -

The time has come! This is the start of the Modern Bedouin blog! Yaaay!   We are happy to share all the neccessary and interesting things about the beautly of the desert! Stay tuned, we are ready to publish one article per week to keep you informed!     The Modern Bedouin Team
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Who Is The Bedouin Experience For? -

The Short Answer: Everyone Will Find Something To Enjoy Through This One of a Kind Desert Experience   You may be asking yourself: "Is the Bedouin Experience for me?" The Answer is 100 times yes. The Bedouin Experience offers something for everyone. Walking away from your day as a Modern Bedouin will leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied, at peace, and maybe a bit raw after experiencing something as stunningly beautiful as the desert. The Bedouins of the past respected the desert, nature, and their connection. The Modern Bedouin will provide an exclusive opportunity to experience all this and more.  Are you ready to explore the great unknown of the desert landscapes? While collecting new memories, seeking out thrills, and admiring the beauty of the desert?   Who Are the Bedouins? Before you can feel the full impact of the Bedouin Experience, you need to understand who the Bedouins are. They are nomadic tribes of Arabic people who inhabited the deserts stretching between North Africa and the Middle East. The "people of the desert" have survived one of the harshest yet most beautiful environments on the planet for centuries. These Arabic tribes made the desert their home, their natural dwelling place. They are uniquely in touch with the ways of the desert, living in harmony with nature and the animals that make their home amongst the driest sandy environments of the world.  The Bedouins were herders and traveled with their flocks, following the seasons of the desert, to find forage and water for their livestock. They were uniquely in tune with how the desert changed and morphed throughout the year. The people of the desert were also uniquely in touch with each other. They valued their families and connections. A day as a Modern Bedouin with your friends or family will leave you feeling more connected than ever with your tribe.   Who is the Bedouin Experience for? The Bedouin Experience is for the adrenaline seekers, the admirers of beauty, and the memory collectors. The desert is the definition of a calm yet wild environment, with its unpredictable nature and still beauty. Exploring the desert leaves you feeling curious about the world, fullfilled and free. You will be totally amazed by the charm of the desert. If you're a thrill seeker who enjoys exploring all the uniqueness the world offers, then the Bedouin Experience is for you. It's the perfect opportunity to connect directly with the rawness of nature. Take off your shoes in this unmatched experience and leave your footprints in the sand.   The Bedouin Experience is Unlike Any Other Desert Safari There is not only one way to experience the desert. The Bedouin Experience ensures you touch on every aspect of the desert in style. This is a high-quality experience that doesn't compare to other desert safaris in Dubai. If you want the most unique adventure possible, the Bedouin Experience will plan the most unpredictable exploration of the desert yet. Our mission is to provide you with the most unique desert experience possible, educate you on who the Bedouins are, inspire admiration for the surrounding desert, and participate in something new amongst the stunning landscapes.   So are you ready to become a Modern Bedouin for a day and delve into the desert like never before?
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What To Expect From The Bedouin Experience -

Everything you need to know about exploring the desert as a Modern Bedouin The Bedouin people were uniquely in touch with the desert, one of the harshest environments known to man. And yet, these nomads survived and thrived in this calm yet wildly dangerous environment. Food and water sources were scarce, but the Bedouins followed the changing seasons of the environment to feed themselves and their livestock. The connection and perfect symbiosis between the desert’s beauty and its wildlife is beyond imagination. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wander in the desert? Embracing a profound connection with nature and quieting your inner storm under the hot arid sun of the desert? The Bedouin people lived their lives doing this, and the Modern Bedouin is offering you an opportunity to do the same. Want to know more? Immerse yourself in the desert by becoming a Modern Bedouin for the day. Let's look at all the things the Bedouin Experience has to offer, so you know what you are in for, when you sign up to experience the desert with us.    A Uniquely Sustainable Travel Experience We care about the environment, and we want every Modern Bedouin to grow an appreciation of the stunning desert in front of them. The Bedouins are notoriously in touch with nature and its wild ways; our experience reflects that.  The Modern Bedouin embraces the environment and delivers a uniquely sustainable experience for everyone. We respect the desert and nature and want to inspire every Modern Bedouin to do the same. Our brand is involved in desert cleaning initiatives, and we take a no-plastic approach to reduce our environmental impact. Although every element of Modern Bedouins are so exciting, sustainability is one of the main goals we want to achieve when interacting with the desert - as the historic Bedouins have shown us for centuries.   Embrace The Calm Of The Desert There are so many places to enjoy the wilderness in the world, but there is no experience like immersing yourself in the desert as a Modern Bedouin for a day. Suppose you have that inner desire to connect with something bigger than yourself through nature, while enjoying a new experience with your favourite people. In that case, this is the experience for you.  Try something new by exploring the desert in style. Feel a special connection to the wilderness of the desert, while immersing yourself in who the Bedouins are and why they are called the "people of the desert."  You'll learn about how the desert works in beautiful harmony with nature, the animals, and the people of the desert. You will learn all about the Bedouin and Arabic culture, enjoying the food, tea while picnicking amongst the dunes. It is time to mention the desert views. In its uninterrupted majesty, the desert offers a landscape like no other, with captivating sunsets and landscape.   Feel The Adrenaline Rush Connecting to the desert and immersing yourself in its calm brings untold satisfaction. But this is only one facet of becoming a Modern Bedouin. If you have a need for speed, there are plenty of adrenaline-inducing activities to enjoy on the Bedouin Experience. These include sand boarding, dune buggy riding or quad biking, to name a few. Want to see the desert in action? Explore the dunes on camels or on a hot air balloon. A private falcon show will reveal the ancient art that has been so well developed by the Arabic people.   Explore Through A One-of-a-kind Desert Experience This is not your typical "Dubai desert safari." The Bedouin Experience is a one-of-a-kind adventure into everything the desert has to offer, with the highest quality and comfort kept in mind. This is the perfect balance between something new, filled with adrenaline, opposite the desert's perfect calmness. The Modern Bedouin offers something different, that you can enjoy, learn and experience new heights through. There is no time like the present to book a trip.

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